5-25% SN Blue/Purple Color Silver Nitrate Election Marker, Indelible Ink Marker Pen, Voting Ink Pen in Election Campaign for Parliament/President Election

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Indelible ink, which can be applied with a brush, marker pen, spray or by dipping voters’ fingers in a bottle, contains silver nitrate. Its ability to stain the finger for a sufficient period of time – generally more than 12 hours – is highly dependent on the concentration of silver nitrate, how it is applied and how long it remains on the skin and fingernail before excessive ink is wiped off. The content of the silver nitrate could be 5%, 7%, 10%, 14%, 15%, 20%, 25%.
Indelible marker pen applied to the forefinger (usually) of voters during elections in order to prevent electoral fraud such as double voting. It is an effective method for countries where identification documents for citizens are not always standardised or institutionalised.

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Indelible Ink Marker Pen5


Silver Nitrate concentration 18% (Tested by ICP-OES)
Drying time Around 1m
Silver Nitrate 
Acidity  pH 4.5
Markings on finger time  Over 72h
Cap off time  Over 12h
Colour  Blue, Purple, Red and Green. (Other options could be studied)
Shelf life  Over 1 year.
Body PE
Sponge Terylene fibre
Dimensions 140x15mm

* Quickly to dry and can keep long time
* Indelible
* Easy to apply on fingernail when election
* The ink can not be washed off by water, alcohol and bleach
* Remain time: 72 Hours
* Welcome customized, OEM
* Safety certification: MSDS

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