Pretreatment Liquid Sublimation Heat Transfer Coating with Sublimation Ink for T-shirt Cotton Fabric Mugs Glass Ceramic Metal Wood Printing

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Sublimation coating is Sublimation coated with cotton is designed for digital printing supporting the use of specially developed products, core materials imported high-quality products to ensure the comfort of cotton feel after sublimation printing, color and color fastness, transfer works well, pattern and delicate, long time not fade and can achieve hollow effect.

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Cotton prepress, post-processing can be used directly (digital) sublimation transfer. 


Simple to use, you can use spray method: watering can or spray gun, spray the right amount of cotton uniform sublimation transfer coating liquid to be processed cotton garments / pieces needed to position the pattern can be dried sublimation transfer process; way can also be disseminated: the cotton cloth / clothing / cotton pieces in full disseminated Sublimation coating solution, to be fully disseminated, you can then cotton cloth / clothing / CD Remove pieces wring / or dehydration dehydration machine, then sublimation transfer process can be carried out after drying.


After the sublimation transfer printing, color washed first point will retire after the wash will not be back, but did not feel the coating liquid for do not need washing or painting, color washed first times customers retreat point color is very good choice.
Sublimation Coating Liquid For Cotton Fabric

Traditional clothing dye sublimation process only applies to chemical-free polyester cotton fabrics, cotton printed dress printed with starting a special heat transfer paper, is not only costly but also feel bad, with cotton sublimation transfer coating, so Cotton (digital) sublimation transfer becomes possible, which is an innovation in the field of digital transfer sublimation transfer coating liquid cotton - also known as: Cotton Digital (dye-sublimation) printing processing solution, sublimation transfer coating containing cotton cloth.

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